APPLY ONLINE: Campus & Downtown Application


Have a roommate(s) or significant other?

Each adult living in an apartment must also fill out an application and qualify to live at any of our 4 Lakes properties. To help us expedite the application process and make sure that your applications are grouped together, please list these individuals as co-applicants in the "Co-Applicants/Occupants" section of your application. You will need to provide their legal first & last name, email address, and phone number.

If you do not know your co-applicant’s contact information at this time, you will be provided a shareable link once you have finished and submitted your application. Please make sure you save this link and share it with the rest of the individuals in your party.


International Applicants

If you do not have a SSN or ITIN number at this time, please fill in "999-99-9999" in the 'Social Security Number (or ITIN)' field. Then provide your passport number in the 'Government Issued ID' field. You will need to provide a copy of your passport document as your 'Photo ID' under the 'Attach documents' section.


If you would like to be approved without a Cosigner:

You must meet the following conditions:

  1. Applicant must have 24 months of verifiable rental history as of the date of your application.
  2. Applicant must have satisfactory credit history
  3. Applicant must have verifiable source of income

Applying without Cosigner:

  1. Follow Apply link below
  2. Under the 'Where you've lived' section, you must be prepared to provide a residential history totaling 24 months of rental history.  Add as many previous addresses as needed to show 24 months.  You will need to provide contact information and date of residency for your rental references.
  3. Under 'Your Income' section, you will need to list your source of income.
  4. Complete other sections as requested.
  5. You will need to upload a picture of a government issued ID and a copy of a pay stub under the 'Attach documents' section.


If Cosigners are required:

Cosigners are required for each person on the lease when they do not meet the above conditions. Cosigners do not need to fill out this application. If you require a cosigner, the office will provide you with all required documents. These documents must be signed by a qualified cosigner and notarized.  They must be returned to us within two (2) weeks of the date you sign the lease.

Applying with a Cosigner:

  1. Follow Apply link below
  2. Under 'Where You've Lived' section, input your permanent address.  Leave landlord information blank.
  3. Under 'Your Income' section, input “N/A” in the 'Employer Name' field and leave the remaining information in this section blank.
  4. Complete other sections as requested.
  5. You will need to upload a picture of a government issued ID under the 'Attach documents' section.


Address for Apartment

The application will list the address you are applying to as 31 S Mills St. This is the 4 Lakes Properties office address. There is a question in the application which allows you to specify which apartment you are applying for.

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